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DJ Equipment - Soundanlage - Lichteffekte. Wir haben alles für euch.
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PA System – DJ Equipment – Lightning Effects

We only use the best in order to achieve the right mood and atmosphere at our gigs. From the newest DJ equipment, to the big sound system all the way to the newest colour LED effects: we have and work with quality. On this page you can get a broad idea what our tools are and what you can look forward to. A top notch sound is a must for your wedding or event.


Our motto: Quality over quantity!

PA System

We can’t say it enough, but the sound is the most important variable for us. We have had it all: small PA-Systems with a „dB limiter“ which is only allowed to be played at 80 dB has been the worst. Thus, we are always eager to come with our own equipment in order to stay away from equipment failure and/or bad sound. Supplying our equipment, we know how it sounds and can assure that it will last all night!


The brand we go with is QSC. Its K-Series and  KW-Series are amazing and we have a few speakers to offer:


QSC Lautsprecher
DJ Controller & Turntables

One of our dj tool is the Pioneer DDJ SX-2, which is perfect for any gig. Due to many in- & outputs we can hook up our PA-System and mulitple microphones. This helps when more than one person is holding a speech at the same time. The DDJ SX-2 is cell phone compatible and any song can be played from your iPhone at any time.

Pioneer DDJ-SX 2 DJ Controller

Besides the digital progress we also like to go back to the old school and return to the classics by spinning with turntables. Next to the Technics 1200’s we love the Reloop RP 7000MK2. This turntable has a slick design and helps you with the perfect mix and great sound.

Vinyl cannot be missed of course. Yet, we take advantage of the technical progress once again and dj with timecode vinyl by Serato Scratch Live.

DJ-Turntable Reloop RP 7000
Lightning Effects

For the right amount of light on the dancefloor we use the LED Lightning effect from Cameo. This effect has different modes and options in order to be able to give any location the right amount of flaire.

LED Lichteffekt

Another lightning effect we use is a Laser-/LED-Effekt which projects great seqeuences of LED into the room.

Lichtanlage - Laser Light

For additional lightning we offer floorspots for a comforting atmosphere in any room. We also have floorspots with an  internal battery in order to positions the spots outside.

Floorsports LED Licht

For a confident speech we offer you wireless mics.  If there is any type of technical issues with the frequency or such, we have a normal microphone with cord as a back up.

Did you think of everything?

We did! GAFFA-Tape for a nicer look, transport caddy as well as extension cords with IP44 Norm for outdoor use are always with us! Besides the music, we make sure that everything runs smooth, will get there and is set up on time.

We have also licensed all our songs through GEMA and you don’t have to worry about any legal issues at all.

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